Talented Workforce
74% with college degree, 47% with graduate degree, 63% with jobs in management/business/science/art

2200+ companies, 100+ in advanced manufacturing, agtech, biotech, clean tech, data and life sciences

Family Oriented
36 parks, 110 miles of bike lanes, 570 acres of open space, 21% bike to work

Home of UC Davis – #1 Ag School

Davis is the host city to UC Davis, a world-renowned research and development university. Proximity to UC Davis research and a highly qualified workforce have stimulated our growing technology sector. Over 100 of our 2,200 companies work in advanced manufacturing, agtech, biotech, clean tech, data and life sciences, creating sustainable solutions to global issues. Davis is family- and bike-friendly, with excellent schools, parks, cultural amenities, a vibrant downtown, a farmers market, a Capital Corridor Amtrak station, convenient freeway access and an award-winning hospital. Davis offers the location, assets and quality of life for businesses and their employees to thrive.

Success Stories

Marrone Bio Innovations

Agricultural biotechnology
Creating bio-based solutions for pest control, plant health and increased crop yields through biopesticides, the company was started and successfully went public in its Davis headquarters.

Growing Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Agricultural Technology/ Biotechnology

Life Sciences

Education and Knowledge Creation

Featured Employers

Connect with Davis

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Assistant City Manager/Director of Community & Economic Development
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